Drones Under $200 – [2018]

top affordable drones under $200

Here we review some of the best drones under $200. They all have advanced features and won’t break the bank.

Contixo F5Contixo F5 Drone2MP/720P10 Min100M
Wifi FPV U818AU818A Drone under $2002MP/720P10 Min30M
Holy Stone F181Wholy stone F181W Drone under $2002MP/720P7-10 Min100M
MJX B2W Bugs 2Force 1 Drone Under $2001080P30 Min900M
Syma X8G8MP/1080P7 Min100M
Hubsan H502SHubsan H502S Drone Under $200720P11 Min300M
MJX Bugs 3MJX Bugs 3 Drone Under $200None20 Min500M
Holy Stone HS3005MP/1080P15 Min150M
AP9 GPSAEE AP9 Drone Under $200None25 Min500M
Blade 180 QXBlade 180QX Drone Under $2001.3MP/720P8 Min30M

Syma’s X8G Drone

Syma X8G Drone

This Syma drone is a full-sized drone costing $110. Syma’s X8G model is great for practicing flying drones in general, learning to get comfortable and skilled before moving on to more expensive drones.

It uses the Headless IOC. It has advanced standard features like flashing LED lights and 360 degree aversion, which seems to be more common in drones now. Take aerial photos and videos for 7 minutes in the air.

A huge negative is the long battery charge time. Buy back up batteries since you won’t be able to charge back up quickly.

Hubsan H502S Drone

Hubsan H502S Drone


We are really happy that we can include Hubsan drones in different price ranges of affordable drones at $180.

This quadcopter has a GPS-backed navigation system, with a Return to Home function. It automatically returns to its set location or take off point if connection is lost. The Follow Me Mode fixes the camera on a moving subject. It captures video and photos with a 720p camera.

The affordable drone has brushless motors which make it more durable and powerful. It has a decent flight time of 11 minutes and goes out to 300 meters. Just like most of their drones, it has headless IOC and LED lights.

MJX BUGS 3 Drone

MJX BUGS 3 Drone



You can purchase the MJX Bugs 3 drone on amazon. It does not come with a camera, but is compatible with most sport action cameras. This is a  negative, since it will drive up the price, but still worth talking about.

The battery runs for 20 minutes (without a camera) and can reach a range of 500 meters. The motors are brushless, for durability and power. The shock-resistant body withstands strong impact to protect the drone and camera. This one also includes LED Lights and Headless mode.

This drone is one of my favorite style designs.


Holy Stone HS300 Drone

Holy Stone HS300 Drone


The Holy Stone HS300 is beautifully designed with all the features you want in a quadcopter. Fly with altitude hold, one key return, 150m control range, speed control, headless mode, 6 axis gyro, one key landing, and so much more.

Photographers (amateur and professional) will be very happy with the camera on the drone. It has a  120º wide-angle camera capable of recording 1080p video at 30FPS. Using the Holy Stone quadcopter as your camera brings you amazing new photos and videos at a unique angle.

AEE Technology AP9 GPS Drone Quadcopter

AEE Technology AP9 GPS Drone QuadcopterAEE is a global advanced electronic technology company and manufacturing UAV systems is one of their specialties. The AP9 model is a cheap drone and can be found on Amazon.

It flies in GPS and normal mode, at a maximum altitude of 4000 meters, for 25 minutes. The gimbal supports AEE series cameras and GoPro cameras. Features include return to home function, optional float accessory for landing on water.

Just like all non toy drones, take your time in learning how to control this drone. A lot of users have said this drone has flown away, even while using the Return to Home button. We recommend buying spare propellers.

Blade 180 QX Quadcopter

Blade 180 QX Quadcopter DroneThe Blade 180 QX Quadcopter looks like a toy-grade drone, but it is anything but. It is very lightweight and very powerful.

Because of its size, you can enjoy flying the affordable drone indoors without worry of damage to anything. Be cautious while flying it in strong winds.

It’a a BNF (bind and fly) drone; you need to buy your own compatible transmitter, like the Spektrum 5+. The Blade is easy to fly because of its different features. It has 3 speed modes, Agility Mode, and SAFE technology. The battery lasts for 8 minutes. Record videos and take pictures with the included camera. The camera can be turned on and off during flight.

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