Drones Under $300 – Top Drones Updated for November 2017

top affordable drones under $300

Drones Under $300

Our previous reviews were about cheap drones under $100 and $200. If you are still looking for a cheap drone but have a little extra cash to spend on something with some extra features and cool designs, read below for cheap drones under $300.


Hubsan H501S HIGH EDITION Drone

Hubsan H501S HIGH EDITION Drone


Hubsan makes a variety of drones in different affordable categories. The H501S model prices at $289.99 on Hubsan’s site and a little less on Amazon.

The quadcopter does not miss a beat with the latest features in drone technology. The battery lasts for 20 minutes during flight time in which you can view the flight in FPV. The upgraded transmitter allows the drone to fly out to 450 meters. Follow me mode locks position on a specific subject and will follow it, adjusting its altitude and speed.

This one is also a “non-toy” drone, so take your time learning how to fly the quadcopter drone. The drone is small but it is way too powerful to fly indoors.

3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter

3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter


The 3DR Solo is built solidly and dropped down in price. The new price decrease is due to new releases by 3DR.

This drone has all the latest features, follow me mode, orbit, selfie, and cable camera. You can add a gimble for GoPros. The flight has a range of 500 meters (!) and has a Return to Home function just in case connection is lost or the battery starts to run low. Live stream the approximately 20 minute flight on any device that supports the HDMI input.

BUY THIS DRONE ON AMAZON. 3DR has terrible customer service (almost non-existent), so if you needed parts you are best going through Amazon.

Cheerson CX-20

Cheerson CX-20 Quadcopter Drone


This Cheerson drone is made with ABS plastic, making it durable and safe to fly.

It does not come with a camera and you will need to buy a mount and sport camera for aerial images.

It reaches a range a rage of 300 meters and flies for 15 minutes (less with a camera).

The design is compact and can travel with you in a backpack. The remote control unit supports two control flights and position hold. It uses features like return to home, headless IOC, and LED lights.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0

The wildly popular Parrot AR Drone is exciting buying very affordable drones by Parrot. The standards for their products are high, and it shows in their drones.

The Parrot AR Drone’s design has kids in mind, with its thick protective prop guards around the entire frame.

The quadcopter is fast and takes quality images with the 720p HD camera, so it is fun for any age. The battery lasts for 12 minutes. Control flight through the smartphone with the FreeFlight app. The downside is the WiFi connection between the drone and your phone becomes weak after a certain range (around 50 M).

Other features include Headless Mode and LED lights for night flights.

Parrot Bebop

 The Parrot Bebop is another quadcopter by Parrot drones. This model comes in red/black and blue/black colors. It’s another affordable drone, without losing advanced features.

The camera is built into the body of the drone. This reduces the risk of it getting damaged since it’s not vulnerably hanging off of a gimbal. The camera has an advanced 3-axis image stabilization. It takes photos and videos in 14 megapixel, 1080p full HD. It has a 180° field of view.

The quadcopter can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet. You can buy Parrot’s Skycontroller separately. Control the drone using wi-fi. This can make the connection weaker, so you can add a wi-fi extender for better control. Without the controller, you can fly to 200m, and with a controller, fly up to 2 .4km (1.5 mi).

The set-up is easy. Learning to fly the drone is easy. The Bebop is smaller and very portable. It is a great drone for beginner drone photographers. This drone is definitely not a toy drone.

Zero Tech Dobby

Zero Tech Dobby DroneThe Zero Tech Dobby is a mini selfie-drone. After this review, you tell us if you prefer this or the DJI Spark! We won’t name favorites.

This is a mini drone, making it portable and perfect to travel any where with. The arms fold in and out, and the blades are replaceable. The body of the mini drone holds the camera, battery compartment, as well as a sonar sensor and optical flow sensor.

The camera takes photos in 4k and videos in 1080p. It has its own software image stabilization, called Qualcomm Snap Dragon. The videos are vibration free. Activate Dobby to track a person’s face or another moving subject. Use FPV up to 100 m.

Other modes include follow me, RTH, and altitude hold. The battery life is up to 9 minutes.

The Dobby uses GPS and GLONASS technology. It doesn’t have a controller, so control the drone using your smartphone or tablet. Updates on the app for the drone are always available to make the flight experience the best it can be.

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