Mini Drones

Mini Drones

Look no further for information on the best mini drones. We at DronesInsite love mini drones for so many reasons. Fly these drones delicately indoors and fly them robustly outdoors. All ages can enjoy them; they are fun for adults who can take them anywhere on their travels, and fun for kids to play in the yard with them. Mini drones are also great to practice flying with before moving on to more expensive, bigger drones.

Even in their small size, there are advanced minis drones with cameras on the market. We cover mini drones and nano/micro drones based on quality of flights, quality of the design, and their popularity on Amazon and manufacturer websites.

Mini drones are usually about the size of your hand and nano/micro drones can fit in your palm.

Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars Mini Drone

Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars Mini Drone


This mini quadcopter looks so cool. It was designed with the spaceship style in mind.

For $99.99 you get the Airbone Drone, 1 figurine (for the drone to carry), 1 battery, 1 USB/micro-USB cable, 2 hulls, 1 quickstart guide, stickers. You can buy a Parrot Flypad controller separately, or use your Smartphone or tablet.

The Airborne Drone reaches speeds up to 11.18 mph (18 kph), a range of 20 m, and a battery life of 8 minutes.

The flying features allow the drone to do tricks in the air. The drone does 90 and 180 degree turns, front, back, and side loops, and the drone starts in free fall. It comes with prop guards for extra protection.

It has a compartment for storing small cargo (hence the figurine it comes with) where you can attach Lego figures or other light objects.

The mini drone bares a VGA action camera that shoots quality photos and videos. Most known for its stability, the drone can fly through a lot of environments and still capture great images of the scenery, or you and your friends.

We highly recommend buying the Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars as your mini drone.

HUBSAN 107D Micro Drone

HUBSAN 107D Micro Drone


Hubsan did a great job creating one of the best micro quads with FPV. You spend $98.95 for a mini drone (1.9 oz), with a 720p camera, a transmitter with LCD FPV monitor, and a battery life of 8 minutes.

Spare parts include a USB adapter, 8 propellers, LiPo Flight Battery, and an instruction manual. It is so fun to use FPV on a mini drone, seeing live footage from the smallest spaces in your home to the most open landscapes. It is amazing to fly such a smooth, stable, mini drone with a long battery life, and be able to view your flight in real time.

It’s a great mini drone, even if you want to fly a fully sized one.


Cheerson CX-10C Micro Drone

Cheerson CX-10C Micro Drone


The world’s smallest camera drone, the Cheerson CX-10C, is a micro quadcopter drone, designed with durability and stability, especially for such a small drone.

The 6 axis gyro system lets this little guy fly stably. It also features “Throw to Fly”, where you throw the quadcopter in the air to begin flight. It flips in tight circles using the radio controller, which includes a beginner, intermediate, and expert mode. The micro drone comes with a 4 channel 2.4GHz Controller, USB cable, 1 extra propeller set, and manual.

This camera drone, with a 0.3 MP camera, takes videos and pictures. The images are of good quality.

Flight time is up to 4 minutes, but charge time is only 20 minutes.

Cheerson’s first mini drone, it is one of the most popular mini drones on the market.

Skeye Mini Drone With Camera

Skeye Mini Drone With Camera


A mini drone for many first time flyers. It travels as far as 60 meters away and 23 meters above. The mini quadcopter gives the flyer everything it needs.

The Skyeye Mini drone has a sleek, compact design, adjustable Gyro Sensitivity, and 6-axis flight control system, allows the drone to do stunts and quick turns. It flies well indoors and outdoors, but does not fly well in winds because it is so light (15.2 oz). The LED lights are great for low light flying. It’s a great toy for kids and adults to fly.

People don’t like it because of its 5 minute battery life (other sites state a 7-8 min flight time), but that’s what you need to expect with any drones, short battery life.

JJRC H37 Elfie Quadcopter

JJRC H37 Elfie QuadcopterThe JJRC H37 falls under the category of being a mini drone. Along with it being a mini drone, it is even more portable because it folds up, and it is a selfie drone.

This cheap quadcopter is low budget, costing around $41 (depending on where you live and who you buy from).

The quadcopter does not come with a controller, and is flown with a Smartphone on a wifi connection. Fly the mini drone at 3 different speeds, 30%, 60%, and 100% in headless flight mode.  While flying there are features like altitude hold and one key return-to-home. Perform 3D flips and rolls, 360 degree rotations stunts. Flight time is 8-12 minutes, prepare for the lower end of the spectrum.

The mini drone is also a camera drone. We don’t recommend it if you want the most impressive aerial images, but having a camera on a drone always makes it more enjoyable. The camera sends real time video feed to your smartphone or tablet.

At first, practice at 30% speed, and also for indoor flying. The mini quadcopter flies best at 100% speed when outside.

Fly at night with 2 white LED lights in the front and 2 red LED lights in the back.

Even if you have full- sized drones, it’s a blast flying mini drones. They are easily taken anywhere, and fun to fly right inside your home. Because they are cheap, it is worth buying one or a few for fun, practice, and photography.

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