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Drone Racing MultiRotor Quadcopters

Racing Drones and Drone Racing

Drone Racing League

The World Championship of drone racing is happening right now. ESPN2 and SkySports is broadcasting Drone Racing League’s month long  drone races. These futuristic drone races are Stars Wars in real life. 16 of the world’s most talented drone racers compete in over 6 races, spread over 6 different cities around the world, with the final being in London. Races take place in abandoned malls, football stadiums, historical landmarks, with IMPRESSIVE courses.   Drone Racing League is the biggest professional drone racing circuit featuring the most elite drone pilots, thrilling aerial views of the race in real time, with a 100k prize for the winner. DRL engineers their own drones which the pilots use, so the playing field is even. This year they are introducing the DRL Drone Racer3, which is agile, reaches up

The thrill of the DRL Championships has probably sparked a fire and you want to know how you can get into drone racing.

I will review what racing drones are, the top racing drones on the market, how much racing drones costs, and beginner tips.

What are Racing Drones?

Racing drones are small, fast, agile, use FPV, and better withstand crashes. RC planes are the original racing drones, but people are now racing multirotor drones.

Racers like building their own racing drones to be as fast and agile as possible.

You don’t need to be a racer, or an engineer, to enjoy drone racing. I review racing drones that are pre-built, with all the necessary parts (drone, controller, FPV, a good LIPO battery). You are not compromising racing in any way with company made drones, and they are great to learn from, especially if you want to build your own in the future.

Racing Drones Beginner Tips

Research! After reading this guide on racing drones, visit YouTube channels that offer great videos and tutorials to help beginner flyers. Read the drone’s manual.

FPV drone racing is community based. Look for places where people fly, so you can practice and race with them.

Try FPV drone simulators online, like the program LiftOff (insert their link). LiftOff is “a game that translates the rush off first-person view drone racing to the digital world”. This will improve your hand eye coordination and dexterity.

Do not race in public spaces. Even when flying normal quadcopter drones, it is proper etiquette to inform people around you. But racing drones is dangerous in public and can seriously injure someone.

Spend wisely and start small. Racing drones equals crashing drones. Starting slow will help you learn and also save you money if you do have a fatal crash. To add to that, don’t be afraid to crash! Test the limits of your drone, and test the limits of your flying abilities. Crashing is a huge part of the sport. Just watch the DRL finals and see!

Buying a Racing Drone

How much are racing drones? How much do racing drones costs for beginners? Review our guide here for PNF (plug and fly/pre-build) racing drones with different price ranges and specs.

Blade Nano XQ

This is a great beginner racing drone. The drone is ready to use out of the box, with the micro FPV camera already installed. The beginner racing quadcopter is $59.99 on Amazon, making the price and its specs great for first time racers/pilots.

It uses Horizon Hobby’s SAFE technology which uses technology for precision hovering and accuracy in two different flight modes.

Fly the Blade Nano XQ indoors and outdoors. It flies in spaces as small as an office cubicle. This shows how advance it is to maneuver. The airframe is lightweight with blade guards.

It weighs 0.77oz (22g) and 5.5in (140mm) in length.

KingKong 260 FPV Racing Drone

Order this drone, open the box, and fly.  Great for beginners and non-beginner racers. Read online for instructions to help you better fly the multirotor drone.

You can buy it for $99.87 on hobbyking.com. It weights ~0.9oz (26 g).

A negative aspect users say is the frame is brittle and difficult to reattach the arms if they break in a crash.

There is a green neon LED strip at the back of the racing drone, and it is the only part competitors see during a race. The mounted camera is included.

QAV250 Mini FPV Quadcopter

The QAV250 Mini FPV Quadcopter is more expensive, and we recommend it to pilots who have experience flying racing drones. Buy it on getfpv.com now for $499.99. The RTF (ready to fly) quadcopter is fully built; all you need to do is add your own receiver and set up the radio.

Features include 2 LED strips to help with the LOS (line of sight) and landing gear. Supports for HD cameras and 32mm board cameras.

The FPV video and photo quality is excellent. There is no jello effect or vibration in the recordings.

The mini racing quadcopter responds very well to the pilot’s commands. It hovers, and flies smoothly around and through obstacles.

DYS 250

The DYS 250 is a full carbon fiber folding drone that costs $87.50 on hobbyking.com.

The frame is flexible and is easy to use since it is a PNF model.

Features include brushless motors, a pre-tuned CC3D flight control board, and a full carbon frame. There is ground control software.  You need a control radio and receiver and FPV gear.

Some users have had issues with the motors burning out. There is no manual, so if you need extra help, find everything online.

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