Millennium Falcon Drone – Pilot like Hans Solo!

Starwars Millennium Falcon Drone

Millennium Falcon Drone

“You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought.” -Princess Leia.

Are you ready to make your Star Wars dreams come true? First, you can race drones like you’re in Star Wars AND you can fly the Millennium Falcon Drone!

Before we start on the good and the bad of this drone, it’s not a quadcopter to compare to DJI or Parrot drones. It is built with the exact design of the real Millennium Falcon in mind. The quadcopter wasn’t created for the most impressive aerial views or long battery life like the Mavic Pro. You buy it because it is an exact replica of the Millennium Falcon and it is a dream to be flying that! And Hans Solo and Chewbaca are helping to pilot from the cockpit.


The Millennium Falcon Drone XL is 27 in x 20 in. It is MASSIVE. Looking at this you think there is no way it can lift off the ground. It is not made from plastic but from Styrofoam, which helps with the weight. It has a 250-foot range. Users say the battery has only lasts 5-8 minutes. It uses barometric pressure sensors allowing it to remain locked to a specific altitude at all times. There are 2 LED lights in the front, and an LED light strip at the back.

I need to repeat that you should buy this drone because it is fun to fly and it is fun to fly the Millennium Falcon. A lot of users that fly this, say it favors leaning to one side. The battery doesn’t last long. It is loud; which can be a con, or a pro because it is authentic to the real Millennium Falcon.

So, should you buy this drone? Check out this YouTube video by Olivier C., and get more insight on the Millennium Falcon Drone!

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