Drones Under $500 – Top Drones Updated for November 2017

top affordable drones under $500

Here we review drones under $500. With $500 or less, you can really get some of the top drones on the market. These drones have longer battery lives, multiple flight modes, and more.

Blade Chroma Drone

Blade Chroma Drone is made by Horizon Hobby. Horizon Hobby is a popular company that makes RC cars and RC toys, and the Chroma is one of their first drones. The Chroma Drone is a user friendly, ready to fly quadcopter. It is bigger than the Phantom 3, with a similar body design.

This model under $500 has a design to attach a gimbal and then a GoPro. The Blade Chroma models that come with a camera cost more.

The Blade Chroma has an amazing, accurate follow me mode. It responds immediately when the subject moves, at whatever speed. During the follow me mode, the drone has the intelligence to adjust the camera angle when the altitude changes, or the drone is moved closer or further from the subject.

The quadcopter has a lot of modes, another one being RTH (return to home). It returns to its start point and lands it for you. This is great for first time fliers who are shaky with landings. The RTH activates automatically if controller signal is lost.

The Blade Chroma is often compared to DJI’s Phantom 3. The customer service from Horizon Hobby far exceeds that of DJI. So, if you ever encounter an issue with the drone, or need replacement parts, you will always receive great service from them.

Walker QR X350 Pro

Walkera-QR-X350-ProThe Walker QR X350 Pro is another drone without a camera, but it has a two-axis gimbal to attach a camera. It is a ready to fly quadcopter with a long battery life and flies fast.

This UAV has features like altitude hold, GPS receiver, and two axis gimbal. This holds the drone so it flies smoothly, resulting in clear, vibration free pictures.

There is one-key return to home, using the drone’s GPS system to land it automatically. It uses a LiPo battery and brushless motors. This helps the drone flyer longer, and this drone flies for 25 minutes.

Parrot BeBop 2

parrot-bebop-2The Parrot BeBop 2 is the very upgraded version of the Parrot Bebop. Fly the drone indoors and outdoors, using the FreeFlight Pro app on your smartphone or tablet. The Wi-Fi uses a secure connection.

View videos and pictures through FPV, and also save them on your device to view later. The camera is 14 megapixel fish eye lens and records in 1080p. The images are high quality.

People use the Parrot BeBop 2 for pleasure and professional purposes. It flies smoothly and the pictures are so clear that professionals use it for aerial images of property, farming, and other projects.

The drone has 25 minutes (yay!) of flight time. It has rear flashing LED lights for night flights. This drone requires FAA registration.

Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopter Drone plus 2-axis gimbal

traxxas plus quadcopterA great drone under $500 that is set up for all flying skill levels. There are 3 different flights modes; Film mode, sport mode, and expert mode. Use film mode to capture the best aerial images during flight. It’s the best mode for beginner pilots. Sport mode is great for more experienced fliers. The drone is fast and agile, and can do rolls and flips. Expert mode unlocks the acrobatic moves the drone is capable of performing. It reaches up to 50 mph and can hover.

The drone does not come with a camera, but it fits a 2-axis gimbal which can attach an action camera like a GoPro. The 2-axis gimbal keeps the camera extremely stable for clear images. The drone has landing legs. It flies using brushless motors.

The Traxxas Aton Plus has an amazing battery life! the drone flies up to 28 minutes. The RTH (return to home) feature automatically activates when the battery runs low, and the drone will return to its taking off point.

There is no calibraton needed between the drone and the controller. This makes the flight easy and so much fun. The drone will fly using a GPS signal.

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