Best Camera Drones- Updated for November 2017

Camera Drones

**Updated for November 2017**

We review 8 of the best camera drones on the market. It is such a thrill flying RCs, and with today’s growing drone world, camera drones are the most popular RCs. It gives the pilot the most amazing live views while he stays on the ground, and can experience the views again and again by saving them.

There are many reasons for using a camera drone. The best 8 camera drones are in different categories, from the most affordable to the best overall.

Sparrow 360 Selfie Drone

aee sparrow 360 quadcopter

The AEE Sparrow 360 has a design and creation for the most epic adventures. The Sparrow 360 weighs less than 1 pound with a compact design to fit in any bag for every type of on-the-go aerial images. The propellers are protected by a durable, sleek cage structure.

Use the AEE app on your smartphone and the on board Wi-Fi to control the drone. The selfie drone has infrared sensors providing obstacle detection and secures the drone from accidents.

The camera has really cool features. Take 360 degree panoramic pictures. It takes images in 1080 p/60 fps full HD video in mp4. It has LED flash for indoor for the best selfie snapshots.

The selfie drone takes off from your hand. Flight time is 10 minutes and 2 batteries come with the drone. The batteries are charged through a mini USB port.

Beginners/Entry Level Camera Drone: It’s a tie! Bugs 3 and Holy Stone F181

These two are together because the Bugs 3 is awesome but it needs an attached camera, and the Holy Stone has a built-in camera.

Bugs 3 Drone

bugs3 drone best camera

The MJX Bugs 3 Quadcopter is a great drone for beginners (and literally anyone else who loves awesome engineered drones). It holds the payload of a GoPro camera or any other action sport camera, with a specific design for a camera mount.

Features include brushless motors, smart remote control alarm function, and the option to add FPV. It has an impressive flight time of 19 minutes and an impressive range off 500 m.

Holy Stone Drone

The Holy Stone F181 is one of the best entry level camera drone. It’s very affordable, costing around $100. So, for this price, it’s a great way to start drone flying; you don’t have to invest a lot of money to practice drone flying and improving your skills, all while capturing aerial images.

The built-in camera has a 2MPX sensor that shoots in HD resolution. The features of this drone includes One Key Return to Home (RTH), headless security system, and altitude hold function. Altitude hold function allows you to hold the drone at an exact height to be able to record quality images.

Control the drone with 360° turns and right, left, forwards, backwards. The camera drone has a range of 100m and a battery life of 9 minutes.

Budget Camera Drone: JJRC H16 Tarantula

JJRC Tarantula Drone

The JJRC H16 Tarantula is a camera drone in an X design. This is the best budget drone can sport a camera. It costs around $60.

The quadcopter does not come with a camera, but it is made to attach a camera, like a GoPro. The quadcopter’s motors are protected by prop guards. It is a fast and agile drone, and can handle wind very well. It has LED lights for night flying. The quadcopter has a range of 100 m and a battery life of 12 minutes.

The Tarantula is an easy fix-it-yourself drone if anything does happen (like replacing burnt out motors).

Selfie [Camera] Drone: DJI Spark

DJISpark drone best cameras

You can relax now! A DJI drone is on this list (spoiler: there will be more). The DJI Spark is the best camera drone for selfies. Program the spark to recognize your face, place it in your palm, and watch it hover.

It has the features active track and selfie, so it knows where you are and you can take selfies by using hand gestures. It’s obvious the drone was created for high quality images. The 2-axis mechanical gimble stabilizes the drone and camera for no shake effect in the images. The camera has an f/2.6 wide-angle lens with 25 mm focal length. Take selfies and panoramic pictures.

There is 16 minutes of flight time. View flights in FPV. Feel secure with the RTH function.

Mini Camera Drone: Hubsan X4

hubsanx4 drone best cameras

The Hubsan X4 is our favorite mini drone with a camera for good reasons. It’s small and packs awesome features, which makes it fun for everyone. BONUS! It comes with a camera, which most mini drones don’t have because of their size.

Take aerial photos and videos with the 2MP mountable camera. View the images on a 4.3 inch screen on the FPV controller. The FPV range is around 100 meters. The battery lasts up to 8 minutes. The mini camera drone has a 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity.

Professional Camera Drone: Phantom 4 Pro

Phantom 4 Pro Drone Best Cameras

The Phantom 4 Drone is undeniably one of the best camera drones for professional uses of drones. The quality of the camera and the quality of the drone’s features make it successful for professional uses.

The camera is mounted at the belly of the drone. It shoots in 4k/60fps video and stills at 14 fps. The camera uses a 1-inch 20-megapixel CMOS sensor. The special feature’s the Phantom 4 Pro’s camera eliminate rolling shutter distortion when taking photos of fast moving objects and while flying at high speeds.

Control the DJI with a transmission system that transmits HD video. Choose between using 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz to maximize video time.

Other features include RTH, tap to fly, gesture mode, and intelligent batteries. Fly up to 30 minutes!

Flight Time Camera Drone: Yuneec Typhoon

Yuneec Typhoon Drone Best Camera

The Yuneec Typhoon is ready to fly straight out of the box, with its own Android controller. The camera on the Yuneec Typhoon is their own “CG03” camera. It is on a 3-axis gimbal, taking smooth, clear photos and videos in 4K; and photos in 12 megapixels. View the flight from the live digit download to the remote control or your own device. I can also record 1080p/120fps slow motion videos.

Features include Watch Me and Follow Me modes. The drone will follow a fixed subject to capture the best action shots. There is the Return to Home function.

U49C Red Heron Quadcopter Drone

U49C Camera Drone

The U49C Camera Drone is a super fun drone that beginner pilots and experts alike will enjoy flying and taking pictures. It sports a 720p HD camera with a 120° wide angle lens. The camera has a rubber damping, which reduces vibration in images. There is a micro SD card, saving images in real time. Unfortunately, there is no screen on the controller, so you can’t see the images until after the flight. There altitude hold, and it’s very stable for clear, still shots.

The drone flies in 3 modes; low, medium, high. The is super light, but does not fly well in wind. There is 15 minute flight time, and it come with 2 batteries. It flies smoothly indoors. There are 2 green lights in the front, and 2 red lights in the back. It has a headless motor. Press one button for take-offs and landings.

UDI U818A Camera Drone

UDI U818A Camera Drone

The UDI U818A Camera Drone. This is a super cool, laid-back drone, for someone who just wants to enjoy flying, and doesn’t need to spend a fortune on something high tech. It still takes great pictures and videos, and flies really easily.

The drone has a 640x480p camera, but has does not record audio. There is a button on the transmitter that sends images to your social media accounts right away.

The design of the drone is easy to repair if there is any damage. The propellers have prop guards for extra safety. One-key button for to perform flips and rolls. The drone has LED lights for night flights. The drone has 9 minutes of flight time.

Best Overall Camera Drone: DJI Mavic Pro! 

DJIMavicPro Drone best cameras

Everything about the DJI Mavic Pro is impressive. It is so compact, fold up the legs and carry it in your pocket. Control the Mavic Pro with your phone, remote controller, or dual remote controllers. View the flights in FPV using the wireless DJI goggles.

The Mavic’s camera  is on a 3-axis gimbal that keeps images sharp in stable at all speeds and motions. shoots video in 4K at 30fps. ActiveTrack mode lets the drone follow a subject for awesome high action shots.

Beginner flyers can use the TapFly mode to learn how to better pilot their drone; just tap your screen where you want the Mavic to go.  The DJI Mavic has Tripod Mode which slows down the drone for even more precise control for photo taking and indoor flying.

The Mavic has a range of 4.3 mi (7km), a battery life of 27 minutes, and can reach up to speeds of 40mph (64kph).

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