Drones for Kids – Reviews and Specs

Drones For Kids

The sky’s the limit for a child’s imagination, so why not reach it with a toy drone? Do you remember the joy of building airplane models in your room with just glue and your hands? And then when you were a little older, constructing your own RC toys with balsa wood and servos? You and your bird would go out in the yard and fly until the sun went down. Now you have your own children, and you want to share the same thrill of flying.

It’s never too early to buy your kid a drone toy; they are more than capable of learning how to fly their own drone. Children seem to be getting smarter every generation. They recognize how to use computers and phones before they are walking. They are showing interest in creating and building using the latest technology we offer them. Use this guide to help you and your kid choose the best drone for them. And watch them soar.

Otherwise known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), drones are aircraft without a human on board. These lightweight objects can easily maneuver the skies and are fun for all ages. With parental supervision, your children can manually control drones with a remote.

Children that fly with drones have several benefits. They can increase their cognitive skills considerably. Children may develop problem-solving abilities from real-time reactions to the weather and environment to flight pattern changes. Their creativity is on full display as they fly their toy drone. Since they may look up to you for assistance, drone-flying also encourages social participation with the family.

Make sure you go over the dos and don’ts with your children before they fly.

Can I fly in public? If you fly in public spaces, make sure other patrons know you will be flying a drone. Do not fly recklessly around other people. Let your kids know that it can be dangerous and they can hurt someone if they don’t respect others around them. A good way is to let your child see the work it takes to put a drone together, have them watch YouTube videos, so they gain a respect for the drone they are handling.

What to Know

It is essential to follow safety guidelines whenever you or your child fly a drone. The Federal Aviation Administration advises the following:

  • Fly the drone at or below 400 feet
  • Keep it within line of sight
  • Maintain the privacy of nearby areas
  • Do not fly over large gatherings
  • Make sure to fly in an open area
  • Don’t record any one with a drone camera without permission.

Keep in mind, the drone you buy must be durable, as it is inevitable your child may crash it multiple times. Patience is vital since it takes time to learn the controls. Children should fly at a lower elevation. Start by merely hovering in place. This action helps when they try small adjustments in any direction they go. Keep an eye on them and help if need be. Make sure they have fun while they learn, so use words of encouragement.

Lead them through the entire process. They will catch on very quickly to drone flying. Allow them to experience setting up the drone, reading the manual, checking the drone parts, all the way to putting it away. Read our Drone Flying Guide for more information.

Drones to Buy

There is a vast market for drone users in the United States, but which drone is the right one for your child? Amazon is an excellent place to look, as the average price of drones is around $50. Watch out for rechargeable batteries, as well. The following is a list of beginner-level ones that are not only durable but also affordable and easy to use.

Here is a list of drones for kids that are affordable and great to fly!

Fastlane RC FLX Nano Drone

 Fastlane RC FLX Nano Drone For KidsThe Fastlane is an awesome drone for kids, costing under $20. This little dude is about the size of your kid’s palm. It flies for 5 minutes and charges in less than 10 minutes (avoid burning out the motors but not flying and recharging multiple times in the same time frame).

The controller is solid, and the mini quadcopter flies stably. It has LED lights on all four sides. We recommend flying this nano quadcopter indoors because of how small it is. It’ll entertain your kids and is a great beginner drone for them to understand how to control quadcopters!


6 axis gyro
4 channels
3.7V and 2 AAA batteries
1 oz
3 flight speed modes
LED lights
Compact (drone is packed away in the controller)

Top Race Dragon Drone for Kids

Top Race Dragon Drone for Kids The Top Race Dragon Drone for kids is a very cool looking quadcopter costing under $50.

The Dragon Drone has 3 speeds; slow, medium, and fast. This drone for kids is a cool drone for them to fly fast and practice tricks like flips and rolls with the 6-axis gyro system. Other features include One-Key Return and Headless Mode.

The quadcopter is about the size of a hand, and a protective guard shields the drone on all 4 sides. This is a bonus for first time [kid] flyers; it helps absorb when the drone crashes.

It flies out to 100 feet (~30.5 m) with a 6 minute battery life.


2.4 GHz
6 axis-gyro
2 lbs (.9 kg)
3 flight speed modes


HUBSAN X4 H107C Drone For KidsThe Hubsan X4 H107C is a more advanced drone for kids- but don’t doubt your little ones in their capability of learning to fly this one. Another mini drone, 3 inches wide by 1 inch tall, that packs some awesome features.

Your kids can have fun flying and recording since it is a camera drone. For such a small drone, the camera quality is good (recording in 720 x 480). Footage records to an micro SD card that is put in the back of the drone. Press the record button on the drone and you will know its recording by a red blinking light.

Control it with a 2.4 GHz 4-channel transmitter. It comes ready to fly, so just add batteries to the control and sync the drone.

Kids will be able to use this drone to really sharpen their flying skills and gain experience with drone aerial images.


Prop Guards and Spare propellers
USB charging cable
Li-Po Battery
50 grams

Sky Viper v2900 PRO Streaming Video Drone

Sky Viper v2900 PRO Streaming Video Drone for kidsThe Sky Viper is a one of the best stunt drones you can give to your kids. It is called a toy drone but it includes advanced features that toy drones don’t usually have.

The controller has all one touch buttons to activate different features on the toy drone; Auto-Launch & Land, Auto Hover, and Altitude Control. Performance capabilities include barrel rolls, spirals, spins, and more.  The camera streams in HD.

The Sky Viper is engineered with Clean-Flight control firmware. This is for racing drones, that keeps them incredibly stable.


Less than 2 pounds
Li-Po Battery
Blade Guards
USB charger

Syma X5C Explorers Quadcopter Drone

Syma X5C Explorers Quadcopter Drone For KidsThe SYMA X5C is has a solid build which makes it stable and easy to fly for kids. It’s a great budget drone for kids, and includes a camera which adds to the quality and affordability.

This is our favorite drone for kids that sports a camera. It shoots photo and video in 720p and records onto a micro SD card. Images are high quality. View the images live with a smartphone or tablet attached to the controller.

It has a 6-axis gyro system, which allows for a smooth, stable flight. Fly the Syma indoors and outdoors, and at night with the LED lights. The quadcopter flies out to 170 feet for 7 minutes.

We recommend this drone because it’s a solid, advanced drone, but easy to fly.


7 minute battery
6-axis gyro
LED lights
HD 720p camera
Spare propellers
2 lbs

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