The Wait is Over- DJI Unveils New Mavic Pro Platinum With Updated Specs

new mavic pro platinum

DJI’s New Mavic Pro Platinum

DJI unveiled the new Mavic Pro Platinum at the IFA tech show in Berlin. We thought this new DJI Mavic Pro Platinum to be a rumor, and we have never been so happy to be wrong. They also released new cosmetic and updated features to the Phantom 4 Pro and the Spark.

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

dji mavic pro platinum!

DJI did such a great job creating the first DJI Mavic Pro, that after flying it, there was little left to be desired in a drone. It is ideal for travelers and amateur and pro photographers.

The Mavic Pro Platinum has everything its predecessor has, with updated features that add on to the revolutionary drone. DJI said, “The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum ‘takes all of the advanced features of the Mavic Pro which revolutionized personal flight and builds on them.’”

The drone has 30 minutes of flight time, which is 11% more than the first Mavic Pro. It is also 60% quieter (a decrease in noise of 4 decibals). The longer flight time and quieter flight is because of new electronics in the drone. There are new ESCs (electronic speed controllers) and redesigned propellers. The propellers are more aerodynamic and can be used on the first Mavic Pro Model. The ESCs create an even more stable flight and smoother control over the drone.

The Pros: There’s a new Mavic! DronesInsite has been anxiously waiting for DJI to come out with yet another brilliant machine.

We are far from disappointed from the drone itself, but we are disappointed in what DJI is offering with this new model, and thought it was a great opportunity to really add on some key features to the drone.

Yes, the battery life is longer. However, the absolute value of the time is only 3 minutes, and we expected (wanted?) more. Now was a good time to add a back a sensor in the back, to fly backwards. Because why not make the drone even cooler with backwards flying? We hope DJI doesn’t start pulling an Apple move; using basically the same machine and adding a few features, while getting consumers anxious and spending money every year or two for the “new and improved” drone.

Pre-Order the Mavic Pro Platinum

You can pre-order the Mavic Pro Platinum through DJI for $1099 and you will receive it in September. We recommend not spending an extra $100 for the pre-order and wait to get it through a retailer. DJI’s customer support is known for being unreliable. If something happens to your DJI drone, buying it through a credited retailer will ensure you receive help.

Phantom 4 Obsidian

phantom 4 obsidian

The Phantom 4 is one of the most impressive tools for professional photography/videography, and from the unique perspective a drone offers.

DJI now has a “professional appearance”, to go with its professional use. The shell of the Phantom 4 is a sleek-matte obsidian color with a magnesium, electroplated, anti-fingerprint coated gimbal.

The Phantom 4 Obsidian stays at the same price of $1,499.


panorama spark

 DJI’s smallest drone, the DJI Spark got an update in its camera. The update is in its firmware. The new Sphere Mode lets the drone’s camera take panoramic views with a fish-eye effect. These images appear as an interactive sphere, and can be viewed on social media platforms.


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