DJI Goggles Review

DJI Goggles Front

DJI is providing its backing to the racers through an upgraded version of their goggles. These DJI goggles are headsets that have an appearance similar to that of a PlayStation headset. We all love the way how the headsets clasp to our heads because of which we are able to see the displaying unit right before our face.  Rather than directly clamping the face, it provides a lot of comfort, which makes it easier for an individual to wear these VR headsets for a longer duration.

Dji Goggles Review

The DJI goggles are prominently known in the drone market. Drone companies come up with a new innovation every year and this time they are going to launch best DJI Phantom 5. DJI makes use of a connection technology, namely OCUSYNC. This technology setup enables a drone to get connected with more than a single peripheral. You can also link a Mavic Pro with two DJI goggles and by doing so you can live stream HD videos and watch them over small distances. Through these goggles you get a view of a massive display. Additionally, it is more like viewing a panel of 216 inches at a distance of 3 meters.

Features of DJI goggles

1) Safety

These goggles are not only an incredible way of enhancing a drone flight experience but a safety gadget as well. It is still considered illegal in the United States of America to fly a drone without a line-of-sight. In order to fly lawfully, it is mandatory for you to share the goggles with trusted spotters.

DJI Goggles Front

2) Hardware

When it comes to manufacturing, DJI goggles are made using plastic units. Plus, its headband has the strapping of a metal, which is responsible for operating the tensioner. A memory foam is used for covering the band. The band so used is very comfortable, supportive, and robust. Also, it has a removable vision unit, which is linked to the movable joint of the headband. The inner plate of the goggles is surrounded by a rubber lining.

How to use a DJI goggles?

1) Operating control

For performing the operations, these goggles have various buttons. For instance, power buttons for turning it off and on. DJI Goggle has a back button for moving back to the previous menu and Link button for linking with the aircraft through the use of OCUSYNC.

2) Setting up the goggles for using it at home

In order to link the DJI goggles to an IOS device, iPhone, or iPad, the first thing that you are going to require is the HDMI adapter. Plug the adapter in and you will be all set. Additionally, it has a pass-Thru of battery that enables you to charge your iPhone while binge-watching TV shows.

DJI Goggles Back

If you wish to link iMac computers and laptops, then you don’t even need an adapter for this purpose.  Use the HDMI cables and link them with your computer system or cables. The moment you will plug it in, the goggles will start mirroring the screen.  It is advisable for you to use a high-quality long cable, so that you are able to move freely while you are busy with a movie marathon. If you are still unsure of the cable that you should use then go for a cable with a 6 feet length.

Gesture controls of DJI Goggles

The gesture controls of the goggles are used for the purpose of navigation.  The pad of gesture control is placed on headset’s right side. It has dotted patterns on it. In order to lock the pad for avoiding accidents, all you have to do is to keep two of your fingers on the right side and swipe it in the backward direction.

DJI Goggles Side

If you wish to unlock the pad, then you are required to keep your fingers on the same place again and swipe it in the opposite direction.  In order to go back, swipe back. For navigating down, swipe the pad in the downwards direction. Use your fingers and swipe in an upwards direction if you want to navigate up.


DJI goggles provide a support to a large number of DJI drones. Here are the steps that you need to follow for connecting.

Mavic Pro

As these goggles make use of OCUSYNC technology, they can get connected to the Mavic pro without any wires.

  • Toggle Mavic pro’s switch and put the ‘Control mode’ to ‘RC’ prior to connecting.
  • Make sure that the advanced version of the DJI GO is upgraded.

Standard Mode

This mode is used for dual as well as single operator drone control. By using this mode, the controller can focus on the flight and the operator of the goggles can look at the surrounding in real-time. The wearer of these goggles can control the operations of the drone just by moving their heads around.

Method of linking

  • Wear the goggles and turn them on.
  • Go to the touch panel for reaching the linking settings and then confirm linking. The linking indicator of the goggles will turn red for connecting.
  • Now, push the button of link on Mavic Pro and then the red light will turn green.

So, this was all about the DJI goggles and their features and how they can be used. In order to learn the usage, you first need to understand the operating control, gesture controls and then their connectivity.

You may also be interested in the newer version of the DJI Goggles. This version is called the DJI Goggles Racing Edition and can be used for both regular and racing drones.

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