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DJI Tello

All The Information About DJI Tello

DJI is a Chinese company that manufactures drones and camera stabilization systems. It is dedicated to innovation and an unparalleled commitment to Research & Development. Being a well-known manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, DJI also designs other products and accessories related to it such as cameras, gimbals, flight platforms, flight control systems, camera stabilizers, and propellers. The new and small drone is called the DJI Tello.

With the affordable DJI Tello series, many consumers can now see the world from a different perspective: high up in the air.  DJI Tello is a reasonably-priced mini-drone with a tagline that says, “Feel the Fun”. Users can also buy compatible accessories that are sold separately like the remote controller, battery charging hub, and Tello Snap-on top covers in bright colors.

Features and Benefits of DJI Tello

Since it is the market leader in drones and aerial photography systems, DJI Tello is loaded with features that are now currently the standard in consumer drone technology.

Here are the best features of DJI Tello:

  • Two Antennas

Since it comes with two antennas, Tello makes video transmission more stable. It also has a smart-switching technology, which makes it easier to operate.

  • High-Capacity Battery

The DJI Tello allows for longer flight time, which is approximately 13 minutes. This is a longer time than other drones in its class. When the battery is low, alerts automatically go off. This informs the user that it is time to replace the battery.

  • Transmission distance of 100 meters

A transmission distance of 100 meters is pretty good for such a small drone. Aside from its transmission distance, it has high-definition transmission of 720p, providing clear images. Users are able to preserve shots and memories with these high-resolution images.

  • Throw and Go feature

All the user needs to do in order to start flying is to simply toss it into the air. When it is in the Bounce Mode, it can fly up and down from the user’s hand automatically.

  • Electronic Image Stabilization

It is important to be able to capture smooth and stable aerial footage.  With Trello’s Electronic Image Stabilization feature, users are able to do that. 

  • Easy operation

It is simple and straightforward to operate. Users can even slide on the screen to make it perform cool aerial stunts like 8D flips. Users can easily record coordinated short videos with features such as Up & Away, Circle, and 360.

  • Fail safe Protection

Even if the user loses connection, the drone will be able to land safely.  The drone will not be damaged with the Fail safe Protection Feature. 

  • It uses an Intel Movidius Myriad 2 VPU.

This proprietary Intel technology makes it possible to recognize objects in DJI drones.  It is also capable of responding to hand gestures, much like the high-end drones of DJI.

  • Captures clear and beautiful pictures

With its high-quality image processor, Tello shoots high-quality photos and videos. Users can even share professional-level videos on social media directly from their smartphones.

  • Visual Positioning System

This feature ensures that precise hovering is facilitated, making users take great shots of what they are really intending to shoot.

What Consumers are saying

DJI Tello is one of the highest-rated drones in its class.  Customers are happy because it is one of the most affordable drones that come with an HD camera. Many reputable reviewers are saying that it may be the best mini-drone in the market.

Since it weighs only about 80 grams, this lightweight drone may seem flimsy, but it is surprisingly sturdy and runs on an Intel processor. It may not come equipped with an RC transmitter which may disappoint some people, but it is possible to control it through a mobile app.

Many users appreciate its lightweight yet very durable design. It also contains top-of-the-line hardware and software components. However, be careful to use Trello in windy conditions as it has a tendency to be blown away.

The Verdict

The DJI Tello has all the features that you look for in a regular-sized drone minus the prize. This drone is ideal for children or beginners who are still learning to fly drones. The DJI Tello could be used in education, teaching new users how to fly drones with coding education. It is also great for people who are on a budget and are searching for low-cost alternatives to shooting videos and stunt flying. It comes fully-packed with fun and useful features found in more expensive drones, making it really worth purchasing.

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