Mavic Pro Drone – The Best Camera Drone On the Market?

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Mavic Pro Drone

Is it possible that the Mavic Pro drone is the best drone on the market? All of DJI’s drones are very successful, which include advance features and awesome cameras. Users love the Mavic, even over the Phantom models. So what makes this quadcopter a favorite among drone pilots? Read below to find out!


DJI Mavic Pro is unique in its portability. The legs of the quadcopter fold up into the body. Folding up to the size of 11.5x7x9.5, the quadcopter can EASILY be taken anywhere in a small bag. There are great bags specifically designed for the DJI Mavic Pro, to keep it safe, convenient, and light. This feature is a bonus for travelers, because it doesn’t take up extra space or weight. DronesInsite loves the portability of it! It looks awesome in use and not in use, and we can travel around with it all day.


The small drone packs a powerful camera. It carries an integrated high-precision, 3-axis mechanical camera stabilization system. This takes vibration and the jello effect out of videos and pictures. The camera shoots in 4K and captures 30 fps. Images present on a FHD video transmission system.

DJI’s camera features ActiveTrack. ActiveTrack is DJI’s creation that allows the camera to follow behind, in-front, or alongside of the fixed subject. Tripod modes slows down the drone to take even more precise photos.

Take selfies with gesture mode; point the drone at you and use your hands to signal it to capture a photo. If sporting a selfie drone is at the top of your list, check out the DJI Spark for this cool feature.


Maximum Speed: 40 mph (~64 kph)

Weight: 1.63 lbs (740 g)

Dimensions (HxWxL): 83 x83x198 mm

Battery Life: 27 min

Battery: LiPo- 3S 3830mAh

Max Video Settings: 4K @ 30 fps

Standard Video Settings: FHD @ 96 fps

Image Sensor: 12 MP

Obstacle Avoidance: Yes

Navigation: GPS + GLONASS

Frequency: 2.4 GHz


Battery life in drones is usually the disappointment and downfall in flying. You have this cool looking machine that transmits full HD images through FPV. But as soon as you take off, you have to land because the battery sucks. What’s the point of an expensive quadcopter with a camera if you can’t enjoy aerial views for a long time?

The Mavic Pro has an impressive battery life. DJI advertises 27 minutes of flight time in optimal conditions. We experience around 23-26 minutes. Compare it to its competition, the GoPro Karma, it has 7 more minutes of flight time. That is a huge percentage and a significant more amount of time to fly.

The battery is a huge plus to flying the DJI Mavic Pro.

Connection for flights

DJI Mavic Pro uses FPV during flight. You can use a smartphone or a tablet that connects to the transmitter. The quadcopter is compatible with DJI’s FPV goggles. The drone uses GPS and GLONASS for location accuracy. Connect your devices and drone to WiFi for even more accurate locations.

Packaging and Accessories

You can buy the DJI Mavic Pro on Amazon with the Deluxe Bundle for $1241.00. This includes extra necessary parts that we recommend buying.

It comes with 2 extra batters, 2 extra propellers, 1 charging hub, 1 car charger, 1 battery to power bank adaptor, and a shoulder bag.

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