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The Parrot Disco FPV was designed with a flight experience in mind, putting you right in the cockpit with the Parrot Cockpit glasses and the Parrot Sky Controller 2.

Designed to fly like an airplane, it is crafted with fixed wings, a light carbon and EPP body, for smooth transitions through the sky.

The FPV headset connects to the FreeFlight Pro app (for smartphone or tablet) and records photos and videos while watching your flight in real time. It is equipped with secure Wi-Fi and a GPS system.

The Parrot Disco’s motor is able to reach flight speeds of 50mph, can travel 1.2 miles away, with a 45-minute battery life. Parrot offers a one year warranty on their Parrot Disco Drone.


Users of the camera drone know this flying drone the best.

The Parrot Disco is user friendly, easy for the beginner flyer, and still fun and unique for the experienced flyer. There is an auto-pilot option on this drone, which is great for the beginner, so they can map out where they want to fly, and focus on the scenery and taking photos and videos. There is a RTH (return to home) mode, so you can fly it back without thought.

If you are an experienced flyers, it is a great drone to practice take-offs and landings with the sleek design of a plane.

The hover-like copter mode lets you hover for a long time like a quadcopter. It is a very exciting drone to fly, with the FPV and sleekness of the drone.

Parrot Disco Drone FPV

Another common complaint is that this drone crashes easily. I’m not sure if it’s because of the great wingspan, but it crashes, or often gets into trees. Most claim it’s built so solid, that crashes are just that, a crash, and then another take-off. Some crashes have caused irreparable damage to the new drone.

The quality of the FPV depends on the conditions of the day. The reviews differ, but many were not impressed with the quality, while others were very satisfied with the views.

Other drone users were disappointed with its lack of ability to reach its full altitude, most being able to get to 800 m.

The plane is equipped with a camera. A major complaint about the Parrot Disco is its ability to take quality photos and videos. People have loved using the live mode, for pleasure and business, but has fallen short with saved footage. Which is a disappointment to have low quality photos with high quality views.

Features and Price

The Parrot Disco Drone is not categorized as a cheap drone, this drone costs $1399, including the FPV and the controller. Why is it so expensive? The controller adds a big cost to it, especially when it can be operated with a Smartphone or tablet. But experienced flyers love the ease of the controller. The FPV is already set up for your use, so there are no complications in that for you. The autopilot system adds a cost, but it is a very intuitive mode and is rated highly among drone users.

Compared to the Parrot Bepop, the Parrot Disco Drone is expensive and seems to have more complications. But the design and possibilities of this drone are very unique, for the pleasure or business of flying.

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