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Sharper Image Drone

Sharper Image Camera Drone Review

Sharper Image is known for their innovative, not always necessary, gadgets and electronics that make life a little bit easier and a lot cooler. Do Sharper Image drones have a place in the drone world? People are buying them and flying them, so we will review information, good and bad, if you are considering a Sharper Image Drone.

Sharper Image drones include camera drones, micro drones, quadcopter drones, video drones, and mini drones. Sharper Image has over 20 drones to choose from. Since there are so many different ones, it’s hard to get a general idea on if Sharper Image Drones are good or bad. I will review some popular ones.

Sharper Image Airplane Nano Hobby Drone

Sharper Image Nano Drone

We can recommend this drone for children and adults for many reasons. It is a nano drone (10.4 oz).

Most people buy this drone for their children because of its size and its price. If the kid fatally crashes the mini quadcopter, you’re not out a lot of money.

However, users claim that it is a very difficult drone to control. So, is it the best for kids? Nowadays, kids get the hang of electronics very quickly. But if it takes time to learn, they may lose interest in flying the Sharper Image drone.

There seems to be more cons than pros with this drone, so we will get them over with. This drone is hard to control, with no stabilization. When commanded to do one thing, the drone starts spinning. When you fly above its altitude range, it loses connection and will crash (where other drones will give you a warning).

The Nano Hobby Drone by Sharper Image is a good starter drone. It’s simple, but also takes some patience, which will improve your skills as a drone pilot.

Battery life is around 7 minutes, which is decent for cheap drones. Charge time is around 40 minutes.

You can fly it indoors.

Avoid a lot of the cons of the drone by READING THE MANUAL! Quadcopters may be quadcopters, but they are designed differently. Make sure to be versed on this Sharper Image drone by reading its manual and watching some YouTube videos. Also, restarting the drone and controller can help if the drone isn’t responding.

Sharper Image Streaming Drone DX-4

Sharper Image DX 4 drone

To repeat from above, before you fly the DX-4 model, read the instructions so you have the best flight. Also check out the newer Sharper Image DX-5 drone.

The Sharper Image Streaming Drone DX-4 has auto take off and auto land. It has a range of 450 feet (137 meters) and ascends and descends quickly. It is light enough to practice flips.

Do not fly it in wind. Since it is so light, unfortunately even the light winds will take your away from you!

Flight time is around 10 minutes, and the battery charges in 10 minutes.


There is no slot for a memory card, so images save to your phone. Images are clear, and the stronger the Wi-fi signal, the better the videos and pictures look.

The camera doesn’t tilt, but the view is still good.

This is a good learner drone. You can practice flying indoors, but we recommend outside in an area, that if you do lose control, you can retrieve your drone easily.

Be aware of losing connection. A lot of users claim they have lost control when the drone only reached 20ft, and it flew away from them.

Sharper Image Pocket Video Drone

Sharper Image Pocket Drone

Sharper Image has a pocket drone with a built-in camera. The pocket drone is compact, the wings fold in, for easy transport.

The Sharper Image drone is controlled with your smart phone. Features include 3 speeds (30%, 60%, 90%), has one-key take off and landing, and an emergency stop. There are more advance features for experienced fliers.

It flies up to 30m while taking videos and performing 360° flips. People love the video quality, and it is especially impressive for a smaller drone.

The Sharper Image Pocket Drone comes with a travel pouch, extra blades, and a USB charger.

Sharper Image Breeze Professional 4K Selfie Drone

Sharper Image Breeze Professional 4K Selfie Drone

The Sharper Image Breeze drone is a selfie drone that takes clear aerial images that you can share to social media right away. Use your iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, or other Android as a touchscreen controller.

It’s an easy to fly drone that takes amazing aerial footage. The camera has 3 video resolutions: Ultra 4K, Full HD, and HD. It has white balance settings of auto, sunny, sunrise, sunset, cloudy, incandescent, and fluorescent. Photo resolution is in 4160 x 3120 JPEG. Download the free “Breeze Cam” app for iPhone/iPad and Samsung Galaxy/Android to view videos and images in real time on the app and save them directly to your device. After, share your selfies instantly to all of your social media accounts.

The Breeze drone reaches an altitude 260 ft of and flies up to 24 minutes (2 batteries at 12 minutes). There are 5 flight modes of pilot mode, selfie mode, orbit mode, journey mode, and follow me mode. It lands automatically by pressing the return to home button.

Sharper Image Professional Video Drone

Sharper Image Professional Camera Drone

Sharper Image Professional Video Drone has state-of-the-art aerial video system, that’s available for all level flyers!

The camera is a 1080p HD camera, and shoots 1920×1080 Full HD video and still photos. The video format is in 30 FPS MOV. The camera has 170° wide-angle lens. Watch videos live on the FPV transmitter, and receive video connection a half-mile (1000m) away.

The drone has built-in GPS, and has a return to home button. If signal starts to get weak, the drone automatically returns to its starting point. The drone flies up to 45 mph (72 kph). Take professional video for 30 minutes in the air!


Sharper Image branded drones purchased from Sharper Image’s website include a 60-day limited replacement warranty. If you live in the US, you can buy Sharper Image Drones in a lot of places like Amazon, Walgreens, Toys R Us, and more.

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  1. The Sharper Image DX4 drone took off high and flew away fast the first time out – completely ignoring the controller. Customer service would not help. The money spent on that went right into the trash.

    • Just got the same drone and the same exact thing happened to me..It flew into orbit and away from me and nothing on the remote affected its flight path. First flight..

  2. Sharper image mach x flew off by itself somewhere to never be seen again. What crap and total waste of money. Customer service no help and would not replace but give me a whole $10 off another one.


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