Sharper Image DX-5 Drone Review

Sharper Image DX-5 Drone

Introducing the Sharper Image DX-5 Drone

Also known as multirotors or quadcopters, drones are undeniably popular these days. Drones refer to any unmanned aerial vehicle (called merely as UAV). Whether you’re a hobbyist or gadget enthusiasts, you know you can control it remotely and manipulate it through on board computer. This Sharper Image DX-5 Drone aerial craft appears like a helicopter or small airplane. More often than not, these vehicles can fly for a more extended period.

These past few decades, drone transformed as the central to different functions of several governmental organizations and businesses. It became the past time of hobbyists. Apart from that, it turns to be one appealing collection for toy enthusiasts out there. And guess what? It’s a handy instrument as well to achieve better aerial photography. No wonder that it captured everyone’s attention.

So, if you are in the market for the best drone, you may consider Sharper Image drones. The brand built an excellent reputation in the industry due to their innovative products, making people’s lives easier.  As a matter of fact, they recently launched Sharper Image Dx-5.

Key Features

  • Autopilot

Sharper Image DX-5 video streaming drone automatically lands, takes off and hovers for stabilization. Thus, you’ll get better videos at any angle. Its auto hover feature ensures stable and non-shaky video footage captured at a high-quality range.

  • Compatibility

DX-5 drone is compatible to use with mobile phones supported by Android and iOS operating systems. Hence, it’s highly possible to browse on images and videos from your phone while the drone is up for action.

  • Video and Image Streaming

Its high-definition camera enables all users to capture quality images and videos. To make the most of every shot, all you need to do is to turn on the right settings directly on the remote. Enable the WiFi on your device like your tablet or smartphone to get the chance of streaming live HD videos.

The best thing about this is that you can share captured videos and photos to your loved ones in just one blink of an eye. Thus, while you’re enjoying the moment, they also get to share the happiness with you at the moment.

  • Long Life Battery

Its Li-poly rechargeable battery can keep up the fun for a long period of time. You won’t miss any single chance of getting good shots while on the run. Almost the same as the previous Sharper Image DX-4, it takes about an hour for the battery to recharge fully. No need to constantly replace the battery. You just need an hour to get it back to use for your next shots.

  • 4-Speed Control

This model gives you 4-speed switches to help you capture all desired views and moments. The improved maneuverability enables you to work with the speed compatible to you. Nevertheless, it is highly advised and recommended for beginners to work with slower speeds as they are just starting to learn it. Once they mastered the flying skills, definitely they can start working with either speed that matches their preferences.


  • 360-degree barrel rolls multi-directional remote

Completely remote controlled, Sharper Image DX-5 works in whatever angle you want. Its multi-directional remote with a single button is an effort to give you a smooth hover at every roll of the camera.

  • 450 feet flying range
  • Auto pilot
  • Auto orientation, landing and hovering control
  • 7 V 550 mAh lithium battery
  • 4GHz transmitter
  • 6-axis gyro (for steady flight)
  • Built-in camera
  • Full control (all directions)
  • Long-range control
  • Plastic
  • No FAA registration requirement

What’s great about it?

  • Best recommended for beginners

Start buttons are easy to navigate even for kids. Amateurs can take great images and videos using a single button. It’s easy to fly and use overall. For beginners, they’ll slowly learn all techniques while constantly using the product.

  • Has automatic controls

For first-time drone pilots, operating and controlling Sharper Image DX-5 won’t be a bad start because of its auto hover, take off and land features. Apparently, you don’t have to touch anything on the remote buttons when for hovering, taking off and landing. It works by itself when it’s time.

  • Has adjustable speed

You can change its speed at your preference. You can have it slow or fast depending on how you want the video or photo done. The speed choice is all yours.

  • Wi-Fi enabled

Just turn on the Wi-Fi on your device and you can share all captured photos and videos. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and you’re done.

  • Multi-directional view

Using a single button, you allow yourself to get the most of every shot with its 360-degree barrel rolls. You don’t need to adjust your body to the view. The drone itself will get the best angle ready for you.

  • Features stable and non-shaky streaming

While capturing contents for your HD videos and images, there’s nothing to worry about the quality of your contents. DX-5 drone remains stable from start to the end of your shoot.


  • Slow gradual descend

You may encounter this problem for the auto take off.

  • Limited flight time

As its flying time is limited to 15 minutes, you need to be fast as possible.

  • Sensitive camera

Falling off can damage the camera, so you have to handle it with extreme care. Use the auto take off control at a safe location.

  • Quite expensive

The features are great, but the price is quite high. But with enough money, you can get the most of this product.


Sharper Image DX-5 gives great convenience for your HD live video and image streaming. Overall, the design is pretty good, navigation is easy, camera quality is great and functionality is excellent. However, when you decide to purchase this product, you should be ready with all possibilities of failure and disappointment concerning price and quality. Consider as well your purpose of purchasing the gadget? Is it for photography or for your collection? Don’t forget to weigh the positive and negative features when buying.

2.64/5 (22)

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  1. DX-5 This is the second one I have purchased and the second one to just get airborne and just keeps going. Where do I search for it to return. Thank you
    Robin Hastings

  2. hola me podrian ayudar alguien que sepa como puedo reconfigurar mi drone dx-5 desde el computtador y que programa puedo utilizar

  3. I had the same problem as Robin above but a previous model .
    To get it to not “run away” punched the auto land button and the drone crashed upside down .

    No apparent damage to look at it, but the front two motors were locke up and I dont know how to fix the problem . Like I said to look at it, youcan see noe apparent damage

    The one Ihad was really hard to keep from running away from me.

    • When it crashed it may have knocked a wire to the motors loose. It will come a part. Might try that. As a electronic technion I fine to check that before hand.

  4. This is the worst drone I just bought it first time flying it, it went up and kept going would not respond to any control and now I am out of bucks pretty shity day thanks a lot sharper image! Be smart don’t buy one of these!

  5. Yes bought for my son took it to the park and within seconds of turing it on for the first time it just took off and didnt return looked for it around the whole park didnt find it my son was heartbroken

    • Ya I was trying to call customer service and all it said was please call back another time between 12am and 5pm and it was 4pm such a bad company and plus’s my drone won’t stream with my phone don’t ever use this company’s drones

  6. Don’t buy this drone – as others have reported it has an issue where it doesn’t respond to remote and gets lost. My son lost his (christmas present) on 2nd flight with fully charged battery…….just kept climbing and didn’t respond to remote and disappeared. He was distraught. Couldn’t connect with the telephone help either, they said via email they would call back and didn’t and then received a dismissive email response from their so called customer “service” blaming me for the loss and refusing to do anything to help. Terrible experience. Should have done better research prior to buying.

    • Same thing happened to me, customer service sucked and blamed me for flying in bad weather (it was a beautiful day and no wind) . I was trimming it at 2agl and all of a sudden it launched up up and away never to be seen again. Worst toy ever!

  7. One just returned to My ground tree. I’m the inventor/designer of several models. They don’t exactly ‘return’ when they’re stolen. Design house theft kept occurring at the completed prototype stage. So, they always return ‘home’, just not to the theft chain house end of whichever industrial store gang stole them. By all means, sue the store. ‘Interest customers’ used to sue me, all the time, simply for having a design license. At the end of the day, these
    ‘were’ the most perfect drones ever created – 1986. So, you’re out 30 bucks while I was skinned for around 50 billion in currency and new industries.

  8. My drone is missing a propeller and I can’t find a replacement anywhere online, can someone send me a link to where I can get replacement propellers for this drone?

  9. My sister found one of these on her roof a year or two ago. I was going to see if I could make it work.. now I know why it was on her roof, and no one came looking for it.


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