Sky Viper Drone – Toy Quadcopter With Camera

Sky Viper Drone

*Updated October 2017*

Here we will review the Sky Viper Drone v2400HD. It is sort of an upgrade of the Sky Viper v950HD. Read here and find out all you need to know about the Sky Viper from inside its box to it in flight.

The Sky Viper quadcopter is pre-assembled. When you open the box you will find a small black and green quadcopter drone. Along with it is a transmitter, a smartphone mount that attaches to the transmitter, extra propellers, a manual, and an extra battery.

Sky Viper v2400HD vs v950HD

The Sky Viper v2400HD has a smaller body than the v950HD, taking some of the weight off of the flight. The v2400HD has a fixed wide-angle lens, but the camera is not adjustable, and it points at a downward angle, whereas the v950HD has an adjustable lens. The v90HD has landing gear.


The transmitter has an attachable smartphone holder, and doesn’t hold anything larger than a phone. It has controls for auto launch, auto land, altitude hold, and a trim button. Also, you can do stunts, take videos and photos with a single press of a button.

The altitude hold doesn’t work very well in wind, because the barometric meter won’t read well. You change over to manual mode if you don’t want to fly in altitude hold mode.


Even though the camera is not adjustable, we favor it over the 950HD model because of its wide-angle lens. You can stream live video feed to your smartphone. Record your flight onto your phone or an SD card. The Sky Viper drone does not come with an SD card or an SD card reader, but we HIGHLY recommend buying these. Recording and saving to an SD card will give you much better image quality.

The camera captures a 360° view from 200 m.

Fly FPV when you connect to WiFi. Prepare for some lag and disconnection when using WiFi for flights.

Included with the drone is a USD adapter and 4G MicroSD card, which stores 20 minutes of video footage.

The Sky Viper quadcopter is very responsive to commands. It is a camera quad that takes aerial images and can perform stunts! It is agile and turns smoothly and quickly.


Fly the Sky Viper quadcopter for approximately 8 minutes on its battery. It weighs 116.4g. There are 8 mm brushed coreless motors. The battery is remove-able, and you can buy spare batteries. Sky Viper has its own Li-Po battery which is lightweight.

Remember, this is a toy grade drone. It’s not built for impressive aerial photos and videos. Have fun flying it, practicing stunts, and using it with FPV.

Check Price For V2400HD Check Price For V950HD

Sky Viper M200 Nano Drone


The Sky Viper has a mini me, the Sky Viper M200 Nano Drone. The palm-sized drone is great for kids, adults, and indoor flying.

Mini drones take a little longer to learn how to fly well. This is because there is less room to put extra parts for upgraded technology. They are also less stable since they are so light. Once you practice a few times, you’ll see how enjoyable it is to fly the Sky Viper M200 Nano Drone.

This nano drone has a 200 m range. It offers three different sensitivity controls, and a Stunt Button that activates a barrel roll.

Flight time is 5 minutes with a charging time of 30 minutes.

There is no camera.

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