X01 Micro Drone Review

X01 Micro Drone

Drones have really piqued the interest of many especially after seeing the images and videos that were shot using drones and knowing that a percentage of the population have their own personal drones. It’s easy to buy a drone especially if you have the money to do so. The biggest challenge is learning how to fly a drone. It takes time to learn how to fly and navigate a drone. If you’ve never flown a drone before, you should go for the cheaper drones that won’t make you regret buying them just in case something happens to them. Here we review the X01 Micro Drone.

Drones have many uses especially as a personal tool aside from its many commercial and military purposes. Many people use drones to capture breathtaking views of lovely sceneries. Some people use drones as a hobby because they are fun to play with just like remote controlled cars. This is much more fun than playing remote controlled cars because there is a challenge in learning how to fly it. Some drone hobbyists even join tournaments to showcase their drones.

If you have never flown a drone before or if you want to own a drone, the Propel Maximum X01 Micro Drone is perfect for you. This drone is easy to fly and navigate. It doesn’t need to be set up. It’s the type of drone that you buy and you fly. This can be found at Walmart that’s why some people call it the Walmart micro drone. The price is very affordable for a drone which makes it an awesome drone to use for training and practice. It can be flown indoors or outdoors but if it’s your first time to fly a drone, do not fly it indoors especially if you have kids. Try flying it outdoors first before bringing it indoors for safety and precaution.

X01 Micro Drone Product Information 

  • Colors: red, grey, black, blue
  • Dimension: 2 x 1 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces
  • Material type: plastic
  • Cost: $20
  • Controller battery size: AAA
  • Number of batteries required for controller: 2
  • Package comes with a USB charger, a controller, and 8 extra blades / propellers

X01 Micro Drone Key Features

  • 3 speed settings with beeps indicating each speed
  • Performs 360 flips
  • Changeable blades
  • 360 degree push button stunts
  • Uses Invesense 6-axis gyro
  • LED directional lights
  • Small sized drone
  • 4 long range controller
  • Switch blade technology

Features and Benefits of the X01 Micro Drone

  • The 3 speed settings of this drone makes it great for beginners to advanced users. Each speed is indicated by beeps. 1 beep is for the first speed which is ideal for beginners. 2 beeps is for the second speed which can be used by beginners and advanced users alike. 3 beeps is for the maximum speed which is ideal if you are already comfortable flying this drone. The third speed is ideal if you are flying the drone outdoors.
  • It’s a micro drone and it’s probably the smallest drone that there is. It fits in your hand and you will probably be eager to grip it with your hand. Its size makes it perfect for training and practice especially when flying it outdoors.
  • The Invesense 6-axis gyro keeps the Quark stable in different flying conditions.
  • The LED lights make the drone easy to follow.
  • The blades of this drone can be changed easily. The blades are not that sturdy and they can get lost during flight that’s why the package includes 8 extra blades if ever the blades need to be replaced.
  • The quick charging feature of this drone is great for beginners who are very eager and excited to use the product. The initial charging period for this drone as soon as you open the box is about 10 to 15 minutes. For the normal charging of the drone, it takes 25 to 30 minutes if the battery is empty.
  • Both the drone and the controller are battery operated. Inside there is a built in battery and it needs to be charged using the USB charger. The controller needs 2 AAA batteries for it to operate.
  • The controller can be used to control the drone up to a distance of 100 meters. If the drone goes beyond that distance, you would lose the signal from the drone and it would crash on the ground and stop working.
  • The switch blade technology allows the drone to be operated in 3 or 4 channel modes. The default mode is mode 1 which is widely used in the US.


  • This drone is made of plastic but is very durable. You want have problems of having it easily broken despite crashing it a lot of times. It may not seem to be the case when you first look at it because it looks fragile but when you get to test it especially outdoors, you’ll see how sturdy it is.
  • Propel Maximum X01 Micro drone can flip which is an amusing feature and makes it more enjoyable to fly and navigate. Some people love playing with the flip feature of this drone.
  • The LED lights are amusing and the flashing of the lights slow down once the drone is paired to the controller and they stop flashing when the drone is ready to fly.


  • The propellers come off easily that’s why the package provides you with extra propellers for replacement. The level of ease it is to attach the propellers to the drone matches the level of ease for these propellers to be detached from the drone during flight. The worst thing that could happen to this drone is that the propellers might get lost during the flight.
  • This drone has a short flight time. Its flight time is about 6 to 7 minutes. It can be quite annoying to enjoying flying your drone outdoors and then having to run back at home just to charge it again.
  • The battery can’t be taken off. It would have been better if the battery could be taken off especially since the flight time is too short. Having an extra battery for extra flight time wouldn’t hurt but in the case of this drone, you have no choice but to really charge the drone again through a computer.
  • The slowest speed isn’t ideal to use because there is a lot of throttle in the air and the drone is not that responsive from side to side.


You get what you pay for with Propel Maximum X01 Micro Drone. The features of this drone are not as advanced and as awesome as the big drone brands such as DJI but its features are good enough for its price. The performance is actually even great for its price compared to other drones within the same price range.

The Propel Maximum X01 Micro drone is a great gift especially for beginners who want to own a drown and even for kids who are inclined to tech gadgets. This is great as a gift for kids who are 10 years old above.

Despite its not so sturdy material, this. Drone is solid and aerodynamic. It won’t get broken easily despite crashing it to the ground a lot of times. It’s a pretty amazing drone for its size and its price.

2.57/5 (7)

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  1. Bought one of these for my daughter for Christmas. Now I have to console a crying daughter.

    Battery life is awful—might last four minutes (bills itself as having a five-minute duration). Worst of all, the gyros simply don’t work—all this thing does is hop up and immediately dart to the right, slamming into the nearest wall. Full left trim doesn’t do anything. Recalibrating the gyros doesn’t do anything. I’ve read the directions front and back 1/2 dozen times, no mention of what to do with a situation like this. Christmas is now ruined, my daughter’s upset, and I’m pissed at myself for thinking that this POS was actually any good.

    I’d return it to Walmart, but I think I already threw the receipt away. PLEASE stay away from this brand.

  2. I’ve been trying to find out who manufactures and contact info for propelx01 micro drone which is junk junk junk!!!! Its impossible to find this info out! Maybe this company knows its junk and that’s why! I’ve also reading the reviews on this product and the negative greatly outweighs positives. That’s bad, but the bad, disappointing part of all is when a child comes down Christmas morning and is soooo excited about this product and then gets about 1 minute of use and then it doesn’t work anymore! The company who DOES manufacture this product should be ashamed of themselves and don’t fit the classification of pros.

  3. This little drone is fun and only lasts about five minutes before it needs charging. Problem I’ve had with two of them now is the on/off switch falls off after about a week of use, and then it’s useless. Walmart has been good about refund money as long as you have the receipt.

  4. I haven’t blown $10 this fast since the last time I was in Vegas…..until I bought this. I’ve had the micro helicopters that worked ok and was not hard to control. Not this thing! When it takes off you never know where it will go or if it will just flip upside down. I’ve followed the instructions, reset the gyro’s and watched a couple of YouTube videos and nothing makes it controllable. A total waste………….

  5. I love mine… Went back and bought some for my friends… The drone does take practice and patience – but works great and is a ton of fun… It is definitely not an “out of the box” Christmas gift for a kid. So if Christmas was ruined, blame yourself for a poor purchase decision – not this cool well flying little drone that does take some skill and coaxing…


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