Ways of Using Drone Videography For Event Marketing


More and more businesses are jumping on the event marketing bandwagon, and rightly so, as the benefits of event marketing are simply too appealing to ignore.

Whether it’s a trade show, a music festival, or ceremonies and galas, business owners can, among other things, use event marketing to increase brand awareness, generate leads, build partnerships, and connect with customers.

Lately, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), more popularly known as drones, have been seeing heavy use in event marketing, which is hardly surprising. After all, most of them are now equipped with high-definition cameras, which take drone aerial videography to another level.

If you’re interested in bringing in drones for marketing events, here are some of the ways you can use drone videography for maximum effect.

Creation of Marketing Materials

Drones are capable of taking breathtaking motion shots of your current event.

Use the drone to take as many videos as you want, edit them to create cool videos, and use them in marketing materials for your next event.

Post the videos on your business website and social media accounts, and let the gorgeous footage draw more people in and increase their anticipation for the follow-up event, whenever that may be.

Location Scouting

Let’s say your company is organizing a music festival, and you need the perfect open-air venue for it.

A particular piece of property may look great when you’re standing on it, but if you want to have a better sense of what the whole location looks like, use drone videography to see the entire landscape from the air.

That way, you and your team can assess right away whether the location will be good enough for your event.

Once the location is approved, you can use the videos shot by your drone to help you map the entire place and plan the layout of the event, among other things.

Live Streaming Events

Live video is one of the most popular forms of online content these days, particularly on social media. In 2019 alone, internet users watched 1.1 billion hours of live streaming video.

You can get your share of that massive live stream video audience with the help of your drone.

As long as it has live streaming capabilities, your drone can film every second of your event and broadcast it to a worldwide audience while it’s ongoing.

Your drone can also live stream the event straight to the monitors or screens you placed all over the venue to give those in attendance a fuller and more immersive experience.

Creating BTS Content

One great way of generating buzz for an event you’re holding is shooting behind-the-scenes footage.

Use your drone to create entertaining videos that show members of your team setting up the stage, arranging seats, putting up all the necessary banners and signages, or simply goofing around during breaks in their preparation for the event.

Post them on the Internet to grab the attention of people and make them feel excited about your upcoming event.

Drones As Entertainment

Hundreds of dancing drones made the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show one of the most memorable sporting events of all time. The Winter Olympics also put on an astounding light show the following year, using more than a thousand drones.

Huge events with equally massive budgets can easily take advantage of a drone’s capabilities to give participants and audiences a show they would never forget. Of course, smaller events can do the same thing, but on a much-reduced scale.

If a light show with multiple drones is out of the question, you can still use drone videography to entertain attendees with shots of hard-to-reach areas of the venue or the scenery outside of it.

Acknowledging Sponsors

Drone videos are an excellent way of acknowledging the individuals and entities that helped make your event possible.

With drone videography, you can show attendees and audiences shots of the banners and signages of sponsors and their booths. You can also use drone shots to make a video that will help establish the extent of a sponsor’s involvement in your event.

Event Security

Drones can do more than just take stunning footage of your event. With the help of drone videography, you can also ensure its security while it’s ongoing.

Drones in the air can monitor the perimeter of an event venue and alert their pilots to anything untoward that might be happening somewhere. With the near-instantaneous transmission of information, security personnel can quickly get to the scene and take appropriate action.

Drones have been proving their value not only to event marketers but to people across many industries as well. It would only be a matter of time before UAVs become an indispensable tool for marketing, agriculture, entertainment, surveillance and security, and most importantly, saving lives during disasters.

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