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DronesInsite was created for you, the drone expert, the drone beginner, the professional photographer, the amateur videographer, the hobbyist. This site is for all different drone flyers, catering to any and all information you need regarding drones. We want you to have every arsenal of drone information at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for your first drone, wanting to upgrade to a more advanced drone, for business use or pleasure. We review the best drones on the market, so you don’t have to.

As drone enthusiasts, we put this site up to offer unbiased, updated information on drones from personal experience, and experience from other 1st-hand users. Our site features in-depth research and personal research to give you the best information. We want drone flyers to fly safely, and most importantly, get everything they want out of their flight experience. We are always updating our site and existing articles. Feel free to explore our guides to cheap but great drones, our flying guides, and reviews on popular drones.

About The Author

Since i was young i have been fascinated with flying. As a teenager i flew remote control planes, helicopters and gliders for many years. In my 20’s i went to flight school and earned my private pilots license. My passion of flying has pushed me to create this website, i think its amazing people are able to experience the amazing view from the air while standing on the ground.

Please share your pictures, videos and thoughts with us! All credit will go to who ever shares.

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