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Here we present all the information regard racing drones. Check out our how to guides.

Racing Drone Kits

Drone Racing Kits Reviews & FAQ’S

What is a Racing Drone? A racing drone, by essence, is a small quadcopter UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle. It is specifically designed to compete in first-person view or FPV racing events, most of which...
Drone Controller

Drone Controller Guide – Understanding The Hardware

Drone Controller Hardware GuideIf you are planning to fly a drone, you must first understand how it is controlled. For an object that seems heavier-than-air to get airborne, there is a need to create...
Racing Drones -Multi Rotors

Racing Drones – What is so cool about them?

Racing drones are small quadcopter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that are built with a purpose of competing in first person view (FPV) racing events that are held in various cities worldwide.Drone racing is a...