Waterproof Drones – Amazing Aerial and Underwater Images!

Waterproof Drones

Take Your Drone In The Water! 

It’s summer time! Time for kayaking, fishing, boating, swimming, and for some people, hurricane season! What’s the commonality of all this? WATER! And what’s a drone’s worst nightmare? WATER! The easy solution is an awesome waterproof drone! You can make your summer even more fun with a drone that can take aerial images in any weather and any water activity.

Waterproof drones are sort of new, but fortunately not rare! We will review the waterproof and water-resistant drones and how to best use them.

How can I use a waterproof drone?

You can use waterproof drone for anything that includes water. There are waterproof drones for fishing. Waterproof drones give you peace of mind over water while you are recording water sports or camping on a calm lake.

Waterproof  vs Water-Resistant

It is important to understand the difference so you can keep your drone safe.

Waterproof drones can be fully submerged underwater and won’t suffer damage because they were designed for this.

Water-resistant drones are not completely sealed off so they cannot be dumped in water. They can be flown in rain and snow.

Either types of these quadcopters shouldn’t be flown in extreme weather. You take a risk and it’s not very fun to control a drone through a blizzard.

Waterproof Drones

JJRC H31 RC Quadcopter

The JJRC H31 is a sport quadcopter that is waterproof. Its control board is sealed off so water can’t get in and cause corrosion. This waterproof drone is an easy purchase because it costs less than $50! So, for a low price, you get a sport quadcopter that you can fly fast and do tricks in rain.

The cheap drone comes in colors green and white. Features include headless mode, brushless mode, and a 6-axis gyro for better control and stabilization. Flying it you can ascend, descend, go forward and back, left sideward fly, right sideward fly, and rolls 360 degrees.

There are a couple of downsides. The camera doesn’t sport good quality with its 2MP camera. It doesn’t fly well in wind, and there is usually wind when it rains.

We would probably call this a water-resistant drone.


The QuadH20 is not so easy to buy, since it costs around $3000. This waterproof drone comes as a kit. It is a great drone to better learn and understand by putting it together yourself. You can choose different parts so you can tailor it to your specific needs.

QuadH20 flies maximum 12 minutes. It reaches speeds of 45 mph (~72 kph) and tracks its location through GPS.

Use its mini FPV camera or attach a GoPro Hero 3, 3+, or 4. You can also purchase a waterproof gimbal to take underwater images.

We think of the QuadH20 as a professional splash drone. First, because of its price tag. And it’s features and specs make it great for professionals in the field of hardcore filmography.


We are big fans of the waterproof SwellPro Splash Drone 3 Auto. It has a IP67 waterproof certificate, so there will absolutely be no water damage! Submerge this awesome quadcopter under water; let it fly and let it swim.

The 4K camera is mounted on 2-axis gimbal stabilization system, and both are fully waterproof. So, when you submerge it, you can feel safe taking amazing underwater images!

It has all the latest features, plus the bonus feature of it being waterproof. Use RTH, Tap to Fly, Mission planning, and Follow Me mode. The Payload Release Mechanism lets you attach 1kg of payload and release what your drone is carrying with a press of a button.

Goolsky Q353 Triphibian

The Goolsky Q353 Triphibian is a waterproof drone that supports air, ground, and water “flying”. Meaning it flies, runs on land, and can sail on water and be submerged in water. This is unique in it being waterproof and for all 3 of its modes.

If the head of the drone gets in the water it will come back up and float. It has the RTH mode. I flies for 6-7 minutes with a range of 150 m. There is no camera.

The design looks like a boat, and it is a toy drone. It is so fun to use it as a plane, boat, and car.

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