How Drone Videography changed The World of Film making

Drone Videography

How has drone videography changed film making across the world?

Drone film making is one of those trends that have decided to stay with us for a long time. It has been five years now since the drones entered film making and they have been changing its landscape ever since. The freedom and opportunities they create for filmmakers have proven to be the most valuable aspects of drone film making, and are the main reason behind its huge popularity.

Add to this the endless possibilities provided through drone video editing, and you’ve got yourself a branch of videography with the ability to change film making across the world. Here is how drone videography did this.

The Mobility and Agility of Drones in the Movie Industry

Some of the top-notch drones are capable of flying at high speeds, while still being able to perform complicated maneuvers. This enabled both commercial and industrial filmmakers to shoot more thrilling scenes. As you might already know, Hollywood has incorporated drones as standard tools for film making.

Some of the famous death-defying scenes were shot with drones: the motorbike chase on the rooftops of Istanbul in “Skyfall”, the aerial view of the pool party in the “Wolf of Wall Street” and more than 30 scenes in “The Expendables 3”.

Simply put, drones are far better than helicopters, as they are able to move faster, maneuver better and make shots at very low altitudes in urban areas.

Aerial Filming in Television

Television crews have also recognized drones as quite superior to helicopters and static cranes. As experts say, it is way easier to create adrenalin-filled action sequences, 360-degree views and dramatic panoramas with drones. Drones have enabled filmmakers to completely immerse the viewers into various subjects.

“No other filming method can start a sequence inside a building and end up at 400ft altitude in one uncut shot,” says Ben Sheppard, a renowned drone filmmaker.

Drones changed many things in television, but one thing is for sure – there are more and more filmmakers who are using them to build a mental picture of the layout of one’s surroundings. And these sequences are not only to be seen in “into the wild” documentaries, but also in sports and racing events.

Drone Video Editing

Videos shot with drones have several different segments: takeoff, landing, flyover, reveals, 360-degree shots, tilts and so on. This variety of sequences cannot be achieved through any other method of video recording. And this abundance of sequences is what made videos shot by drones extremely suitable for video editing.

There are even companies that specialize in drone video editing, which definitely supports the statement that drones are changing film making across the world, taking one of the first places on the list of preferred video recording methods.

The fluidity of sequence transition can easily be achieved through drone video post processing. On the other hand, dramatic effects can also be achieved by utilizing speed and ramp effects. Simply put, the video editing opportunities provided by a video shot by drone are abundant.

They Cut Down Expenses

In the end, drone videography is changing film making by reducing costs, thus allowing filmmakers to spend more cash on filming, and the pre- and post-production of a video. People are able to record high-definition aerial videos without the need to rent helicopters and get expensive permits.

Drones are a great choice for people working on a tight budget, as they significantly decrease the time needed to set up a shot, thus allowing even amateurs to take shots on locations that are quite expensive to rent for longer periods of time.

Drone videography is deeply embedded into the film making. The changes it brought to film making across the world are both beneficial to filmmakers and the audience hungry for death-defying and breath-taking scenes.

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Article Written by: Helen Clark

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  1. It’s great that you elaborated on how drone videography has cut costs. Like you said, it reduces the amount of time it needs to set up a shot especially when they will need to shoot at an expensive location. My best friend and I have agreed to have aerial videos during our wedding. Yes, I am going to marry my best friend. We have decided to do so because the location we’ve chosen really has a nice landscape. So it’s relieving to know that we don’t have to shell out a lot of money just to get that shot. Thanks!


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