Traveling Overseas With a Drone? Great Tips Before You Leave!

Traveling With a Drone

How to take amazing traveling photos using a Camera Drone

The drone technology or Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) is not a novel concept; it has been thought about since early 20th Century. With these devices now in reality, they have opened many doors of opportunity. No longer are their uses confined to military weapons or espionage; their benefits can be utilized by ordinary individuals to introduce new ideas and even save lives. Your travel blog’s followers and friends will be enamored of your stunning images, as far as traveling experience is concerned.

Can I just start flying anywhere?

Before you reserve your flights to your desired destinations and embark on a journey of creating splendid picturesque images, be respectful of the people and the place where you’ll use the drone by considering the drone regulations. For example, you cannot use your drone in UAE and Morocco. While the authorities may confiscate your drone and return it to you when you depart in UAE, Morocco authorities will not return it back.

Moreover, be cautious of where you take it as you are carrying expensive equipment that can catch the attention of thieves. If you wish to know about the destination’s drone laws, call their aviation authorities or start researching online and get an idea by visiting Drone Traveller. Once prepared, it is time to enrich your images with extraordinary angles.

What is the benefit of taking pictures with a drone?

With an UAS, no longer does one need to experience the headache of getting their arms in the snapshots during selfies. This comes in handy when you are part of an event management and need to include everybody (the whole crowd) and yourself in one click for pulling off a great occasion. Another situation can be when a concert or public exhibition needs to be covered.

Speaking of event management, clients of wedding photographers are demanding more amazing camera angles and video shoots, owing to the drone’s reach and practicality. They want their pictures and videos to be just as great as movie’s cinematography which they can cherish for decades.

To really open your hands on getting perfect unshakable angles, getting a bird’s-eye-view of hills, farms, or forest with wildlife is the best way to start practicing. Drones are best known to capture beach horizon during sunset/sunrise and when the landscape with mountainous regions are partly covered with sunlight.  Speaking of beaches, it can come up with jaw-dropping angles encompassing one group playing beach volleyball, another basking in the sun and eating tasty treats, while another fooling around or making sandcastles.  You’ll be able to better navigate your flying machine and also save on battery life by knowing and preparing for these outcomes beforehand.

In terms of being a frequent traveler, this means having a lot of responsibility on your shoulders (in a good way). Your fans, followers and friends are expecting you to come up with compelling photos of iconic monuments or unusual public stunts around the world. This will greatly complement your travel stories giving your viewers the impression that shots are straight out of a fantasy (with a little touch of Photoshop). And who knows, maybe your travel blog will become an internet sensation someday!

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  1. Thanks for the tips for travelling with a drone. I am taking my drone on a trip, and I want to make sure I know how to take care of it and use it effectively. Thanks for mentioning to find out in advance if you are going somewhere that allows drone flight. I hadn’t thought of that, but I will definitely do some research. Thanks!

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  3. Very informative post. Helps the reader to understand how these new toys have changed the world of photography. Be it a wedding function or any other ceremony, the drones have become a part of photography. Thank you for sharing.


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